The Champion's Way Program

How does a developing athlete become a gold medalist? How does a college student develop into a successful CEO? What drives a writer to create a best-seller? Or better yet, how do you reach your highest potential and achieve the goals that you’ve been dreaming of? Based on his first book, The Champion's Way contains the lessons and truths that Jeremy Holm, founder of A Day of Champions, learned through nearly two decades in the fast-action winter sport of bobsled. Associating with the best athletes in the world, both on and off the ice, including Olympic, Paralympic, world and national champions has allowed Jeremy to study and incorporate winning values and principles that can guide you to success through this program.

The philosophies laid out in The Champion’s Way will act as guidelines to help young athletes unleash their inner champion as they use their own skills and talents to serve in their community, lead their peers and develop their character. Now, Jeremy will be the first to tell you that achieving your highest potential through The Champion's Way won’t be easy. In order to see the benefits and results that these influential principles can bring, you must be willing to work at and sacrifice for them. There are no shortcuts to excellence. Do you have the courage to begin that journey? Can you face the uncertainty with optimism and conquer the demons of doubt? We know you can and it is time for you to believe it as well.

For high school athletes in their Senior year, completing The Champion's Way assignment packet is a requirement to apply for the Andrew J. Carrico Leadership Scholarship